giora gur
GIORA GUR Managing Director & Partner Giora Gur was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1947 and has lived in Israel since 1949. He graduated cum laude from the faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology in 1974. During his studies he worked for Prof. Mansfeld’s office and gained invaluable professional experience as lead architect and project manager. As part of the office design team, he was awarded first prize in a contest entitled: “Development of a new dwelling environment”, as well as third prize two years later, in a contest for improving Elijah’s cave.
In 1976 Giora Gur and architect Moshe Zur opened an office named Gur-Zur Architects. In 1977 they won second prize in a contest for planning the Soccer Association Building in Ramat-Gan. In 1979 ‘Giora Gur architects’ was established, together with architect Sylvie Gur. Giora Gur is a member of the Israeli Association of Independent Architects.
sylvie gur

SYLVIE GUR Managing Director & Partner Born in 1950 in Cluj, Romania, Sylvie immigrated to Israel in 1970, following a five-year stay in Germany, as well as an additional year in the United States. After graduating from the faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Israel Institute of Technology in 1975, she worked with Shlomo Aronson in Jerusalem and Miller Blum in Haifa. In 1979 she joined Giora as a partner in “Giora Gur Architects”.

ABOUT US Giora Gur & Partners Architects & Town planners LTD. established in 1979, today comprises 60 professionals including 35 architects with an average of more than 15 years of work experience and 25 young architects. The firm specializes in urban design and the planning and design of a broad range of residential projects from complete neighborhoods of individual family homes to medium-density buildings and high-rise developments. Giora Gur Architects has extensive experience in commercial, industrial and high-tech projects and public buildings in Israel and abroad.

The firm is renowned for the highest standard of planning and design. The largest scale and most complex projects are completed within agreed time and budget frameworks. Accuracy of planning and design is enhanced by the use of the latest computer systems and software.